Bull in a China Shop

Our 10th Album is filled with unique songs that express a wide range of thoughts and emotions. All the music and vocal tracks were written, arranged and performed by Terry. Rick was the engineer and cover artist. We hope you enjoy this collection.

BULL IN A CHINA SHOP is Terry Grosvenor’s 10th album, filled with a nice variety of original songs, utilizing different styles – pop, rock, folk, country, ballads and blues. Her perspective is quite unique, and she writes, arranges and performs all the music and vocal tracks herself. Terry explores relationships and positive and negative subject matter, all the while waiting for a time when people on earth can learn to live in harmony!

  1. YOU ARE MY MOON AND SUN: This song is dedicated to the one you love – that special constant and true companion with whom you choose to spend your life.
  2. BULL IN A CHINA SHOP: Bulls are males, but in this song a woman imagines what it would be like to be around someone whose anger could explode at any moment. She yearns to live peacefully, as in “The Story of Ferdinand the Bull”, a bull whose only wish was to sit and smell the flowers growing near his favorite cork tree.
  3. LADY MARGARET AND SWEET WILLIAM: A new rendition of an old folk tale about two lovers that resembles the story of Romeo and Juliet. The lyrics have been revised and set to Terry’s music, creating a haunting and compelling song that evokes “days of yore” in England.
  4. YOU’VE GOT A HOME IN MY HEART: Dedicated to the special bond between a mother and daughter, from her days of being pregnant right through to anticipating her daughter having her own child one day.
  5. HE WAS RATHER NICE FOR THE TIME OF THE YEAR: As we look back over the years, some of us may remember a former love and wonder how and where they are and wish we could have the chance to express to them how important they were in our lives.
  6. I’VE BEEN A FOOL FOR A LONG TIME: Getting through life isn’t that easy. Sometimes people make stupid decisions, but we can learn from our mistakes and hopefully things will work out for the best.
  7. ONCE YOU KNOW THE STORY: It’s easy to judge people on the surface. But once we know their personal stories, we start to understand why they act the way they do. We all share the same planet and need to find a way to come together.
  8. SOMETHING ABOUT YOU: A song that explores that inexplicable “something” that makes us grow weak in the knees when we’re around someone that we’re very attracted to.
  9. THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE: A new take on remembering that the best things in life are all around us, even if it can be difficult during challenging times, such as being snowbound and without electricity on a cold winter day.
  10. LET’S CELEBRATE PRECIOUS DAYS: Instead of being torn apart by our differences, let’s find common ground, look for the good in one another, and celebrate the fleeting days we have together.
  11. I’M GRATEFUL: A song listing many of the reasons to be thankful for all we’ve been given in life. The phrase “can’t never could do anything” isn’t used that much anymore, but it’s accurate in that if we don’t try anything and keep holding on to negative thoughts, nothing can be accomplished.
  12. HOW CAN I BELIEVE A WORD YOU SAY: In these days of fake news and lying by leaders and role models, it’s important to uncover the truth and hold people accountable for their words and actions. The perpetrators of lies damage themselves in the end.
  13. ROLL A ROCK DOWN: A poem and tale about the old West, and the forest rangers that traveled by horseback on the precarious terrain of the Malibu Trail, with it’s narrow, twisting mountain paths. One mistake could send you over the edge!