Leaving the Rat Race


Thinking of escaping the rat race, if only for an hour? Then listen to this musical album by Terry Taffinder Grosvenor that will transport you through songs about love, travel and poetry.

Let’s start our musical journey with “Rat Race,” then spend an evening “In the Pines,” followed by a “Sail Away” into the sparkling waters of Newport Harbor. The next song poses the question, “Will You Pull Strings or Give Me Wings?” With wings, we can fly to a favorite country in South America, “Como Vai Meu Brasil?” But often, when we travel, we remember someone we’ve left behind, “That’s When I Think of You,” and “You’re the Fire of My Desire.” It’s good to get back, “I’ve Found My Home in You,” and contemplate all the things that “Love Is.” The album moves on to a rocking version of “Will You Pull Stings or Give Me Wings!” The poetic part of this journey remembers old verses to a tragic love story, “The Highwayman.” At the end, in our minds, we yearn to turn back the clock and become a child again, “Backward, Turn Backward.”