Dancing on the beaches of Rio, a tigress hunting her prey, sitting on a porch swing in Tennessee and riding home in the misty rain, Terry processes romantic escapades and heartaches of her youth through the genres of rock, country and samba. These songs were written over a span of years, by a young adventurer traveling to new places, taking on challenges, wondering how her path would unfold and dealing with the mysteries of love lost and found. Her maiden name is used to distinguish this albums from later ones that were created after she married and had a family.



  1. Why Aren’t I Happy: when you have everything you want and need, except the one you love.
  2. Rio: a Brazilian romance set on Ipanema beach.
  3. Misty Rain: traveling Rt. 95 in the rain, having flashbacks about a lost love.
  4. Tennessee: the thought of moving to this State and enjoying southern pleasures.
  5. Tigress: a female stalking her prey and taking what she wants.
  6. I Want You, Baby: a declaration of love and desire.
  7. Bad Times Gone: returning from a long train ride, anticipating getting back to her lover.
  8. Leaving as I Come In: returning for a final goodbye to say what she didn’t say before.
  9. Custom Love: giving your lover much better love than anyone else can.
  10. Saying Goodbye to You: how hard it is to leave someone. This song features Alan Menken of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Little Mermaid” fame on the synth and singing backup. Produced by Newporter Larry Kramen, recorded in NYC.
  11. Ways of Love: being protected and cradled in the arms of love. Al Menken on piano, Larry Kramen, producer.
  12. Gotta Go Home Now: the date was fun, but she won’t spend the night. Recorded with studio musicians in NYC.
  13. It’s Over Now, There’s Nothing More to Say: about someone who’s walked out of your life. Words and music co-written with Stewart MacKenzie in London.
  14. Old 97: country-style song about a famous train tragedy in 1903 that killed many outside Danville, VA. Original music and reinterpretation of an old poem.
  15. I’m So Lucky to Have Someone Like You: appreciating the one you’re with! Backup singer is Olivia Maxwell. The band is “Kid El Deen”.
  16. Disco Tigress: totally different music but the same lyrics and theme as #5, “Tigress”.
  17. Valentine Song: a beautiful song with original music; the lyrics derive from a poem by Laura Richards.
  18. From Now On: about a couple that plans to stay together. Duet with Scott Dogget and his band, “Kid El Deen”.