Feathers, Fur and Fun!

Have you ever heard a song about a duck billed platypus, a manta ray named Ramona, or two flamingos doing a fandango? Sing, dance, and play along to this fun collection of toe-tapping tunes that are guaranteed to brighten up your day!

Terry Taffinder Grosvenor has written, arranged, and performed folk songs, pop songs, ballets, theme songs, and children’s music. To her, music is a mystery, and the creative process is a way to finally discover what has been waiting to be expressed; like many artists, often she does not know what she is going to create and has the feeling that it “flows through her” from some unknown place. Her songs vary in terms of tempo, mood, content, and world music styles, inspired by relationships, children’s poems, nature and animals, non-profit causes, and her travels to places such as Rio, London, Kenya, Tokyo, and all across the US. Now, with the Internet, her music has found a way to instantly travel to all of these places and beyond.